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Matt Craine, owner and founderMy name is Matt Craine and I’m the owner and founder of Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care.  

I started Professor Pyle after I’d had one too many bad experiences when I hired a service company.  The last of course was a carpet cleaner.  Over the years, just like most people,  I’ve hired plumbers, electricians, gardners, and  carpet cleaners.  I found that so many service companies these days leave a lot to be desired.  Four hour windows where they call you five minutes before the end of the window and tell you they’re running late.  How do you miss a four hour window?  That’s half a day.  Shoddy workmanship, poor communication, and scary looking technicians.  I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences too.  After the last bad experience with a carpet cleaning company,  I decided I could do it better and started Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care.  

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Thank you for taking the time to read about us and for visiting our website.  


Matt Craine


Matt Craine at 1.5 years old shampooing a carpet.

Professor Pyle is Retiring!

As of February 12th 2016

Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care will be closing

so we can pursue other opportunities.

It truly has been a pleasure serving the Greater Sacramento Area

over the past fourteen years and we’ll miss you all.

We will be periodically checking email.

Our best suggestion is to search on Yelp in your city as well as the next closest adjacent cities.  

There are many companies with excellent reviews out there.

For all carpet repairs including stretching, we recommend Mitchell Flooring 916-521-3217