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“Dear Zach, Just a quick note of appreciation for the work you consistently do in my rental home near U.C. Davis. This home is rented to 4 female students and they work hard to keep my home in good order so I like to help them out by keeping the carpets looking their best. This helps me out as well by protecting my investment. For the past couple of years I have had you in to clean the carpets and my tenants are always surprised that the stains and spots come out. The last time you cleaned you applied carpet protectant and this has made is really easy to get a spill cleaned up properly before it becomes a bigger issue. Happy tenants are a good thing! Thank you again for being so diligent.” Sincerely, Marvin and Maral Angus - Davis, Ca.

Stain Protection

Often the most overlooked component in carpet and upholstery care, stain protection, is without question, one of the most critical steps in maintaining your carpet and upholstery.

Regular application of a product like ScotchGuard or Dupont Teflon will add years of life to you carpet and upholstery and help prevent traffic lanes and permanent spots.

How does it work? Carpet and upholstery protectant forms a protective barrier around your carpet fibers and upholstery fabric. This shell works very much like wax on your car. A spill will bead up on the surface of your carpet and upholstery and allows you time to blot it up without leaving a stain.

In addition, protectant will significantly reduce the chances of the dreaded traffic lane showing up in your carpet. Over time the protective finish wears off and the fibers take on a dingy gray color. Applying protectant before you see a traffic lane is the only way to prevent them from becoming permanent. We recommend applying protectant after every cleaning.

Professor Pyle is Retiring!

As of February 12th 2016

Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care will be closing

so we can pursue other opportunities.

It truly has been a pleasure serving the Greater Sacramento Area

over the past fourteen years and we’ll miss you all.

We will be periodically checking email.

Our best suggestion is to search on Yelp in your city as well as the next closest adjacent cities.  

There are many companies with excellent reviews out there.

For all carpet repairs including stretching, we recommend Mitchell Flooring 916-521-3217