Gift Certificates

We realize that giving a carpet cleaning gift certificate can be like giving your loved one a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary present. But… there are some great occasions where a gift of carpet cleaning can be perfect.

A great move in gift for your daughter who is going to college and renting a home with several other students.

Your favorite relative just bought their first rental home and you want to congratulate them.

Someone you know just got a new house. Give them their first carpet cleaning to use when they need it.

Your dad refuses to get rid of his favorite chair that he bought in 1972. Do your mom a favor and have it cleaned.

Your aunt and uncle just got a new puppy. They’re going to need us often.

A move in gift for your son who has just moved into his own place for the first time.


Serving Greater Sacramento

And Surrounding Areas

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Professor Pyle is Retiring!

As of February 12th 2016

Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care will be closing so we can pursue other opportunities.

It truly has been a pleasure serving the Greater Sacramento Area over the past fourteen years and we’ll miss you all.

We will be periodically checking email.

Our best suggestion is to search on Yelp in your city as well as the next closest adjacent cities.  

There are many companies with excellent reviews out there.

For all carpet repairs including stretching, we recommend Mitchell Flooring 916-521-3217