Renea Labriola

Woodland, CA


Community Partnership

Rancho Cordova, CA

Eric Murray

Roseville, CA

Matt, Zach, and Mitch,

I found you guys online and really liked your website.  The scheduling process was very easy and you arrived exactly when you said you would.  Everyone was super friendly and my carpet looks awesome!  Thanks again and don't forget to look at the review I gave you on Yelp!



Erica Gray

Roseville, CA

I've used Professor Pyle for two years in a row.  They are super nice, do excellent work, and are very careful around my pianos.  I especially like that the carpet stays clean for quite a long time.  I'm now cleaning the carpet as part of my overall cleaning and maintenance program.  It looks good all the time.

Jeanette Munroe

Folsom Piano Academy

Folsom, CA

My wife won’t let me use anyone else!

Robert Fink

Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Matt and Zach,

Your exceptionally hard working crew has impressed us yet again! The Rancho Cordova Chamber of commerce would like to thank you for the excellent job you have done this time and in the past with our carpet care needs. We have always received prompt, professional responses to any inquiries we have had.

As a professional Chamber of Commerce, our image is everything. We have constant traffic from our citizens, local businesses and city leadership in and out of our office everyday. It is critical to have things neat and clean. With your help our office carpet stays fresh and looks brand new everyday!

Thank you gentleman once again for keeping your Chamber's carpet fresh and new!


Rex Albright and the Chamber Staff

Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce

> To: Matt Craine

> Subject: wow!


> Hi Matt,


> Your boys were super professional and friendly and did an AWESOME job on our rugs.  They were quick and efficient too.  I am very pleased!  


> Thank you!


> Lynn Lugo

> Loomis, CA

Roseville Community Preschool

Roseville, CA

Hi Matt,

The carpet looks wonderful this morning!  Our experience with you and your crew was a very positive one and we will certainly call on you the next time we need care for our carpet.  You and your crew were very efficient and professional as you went about getting things done and it was very much appreciated.

Thanks again!


Betty Kirk

Office Manager

Sherman Clay Piano Dealer

Roseville, CA

Professor Pyle's is by far the best carpet service I have ever used, and having indoor cats, I have tried a few.  Their staff is prompt, courteous, friendly, efficient, clean, fast, and most of all, they do their work extremely well.  It is a pleasure to have a company to which I can refer my friends.  When Matt and his crew leave, you would never know I had indoor cats, even though my carpet is very light in color!  Thank you Professor Pyle!

Cynthia Kendall, BMET, CDOS, ROUB

Sacramento, CA

Friends of Pendola

Sacramento, CA

Matt and Zach,

Thanks for another great job on our carpets.  We've been using your service since 2003 when we still lived in our old house.  When you asked us what it is about your service that keeps us calling you year after year, we came up with several reasons.  You do a very thorough job and the carpet dries really fast.  Your prices are good and your level of service is excellent.  We also learn facts and interesting things about our carpet and how to take care of it.  Thanks for the education!

Keep up the good work!

Martha and Joe Pennington

Sacramento, CA

Dear Matt,

Sorry for the mystery with the picture and the identification but as you know, we have local family members that are carpet cleaners and to keep peace, there is no other way to do this.

We just love the work you do!  You get our carpets cleaner than anyone else including family so we use your service.  The reason we started using your company is that our family was just not getting the carpets clean.  The stairs were a mess when they got done and they were just not thorough.  They were going for pretty clean and you go for deep clean.  Deep clean is better!

When you arrive, you attack the carpets and it shows.  You always seem to be able to be here on my schedule and as a result, my carpets always look good.  Almost every weekend we have a houseful of people and between children and grandchildren, our carpets still look great.

Feel free to use our picture with our faces blocked out and of course don’t use our name!  The tension in the family would just be overwhelming.

Thank you again!

##### & ###### ##########

Greater Sacramento Area

Matt and Zach,

I first was introduced to your service through your spot remover. I got a bottle from you and my spots came out instantly. I then had you clean the carpet in the church. I was so happy with the results that I scheduled you to clean the carpet in my house. When you were done it looked like new and smelled wonderful.

Fay Glenn

Park Community Church

Shingle Springs, CA

Chris Macon

Yuba City, CA

Hi Matt!

Thank you so much for keeping our carpets in amazing shape. We’ll see you in January.

Merry Christmas,

Jean and Louis Pagnone

Roseville, CA

Donna Sturla

Citrus Heights, CA

I've been using Professor Pyle for the last several years, as they are the most thorough, efficient, and professional carpet cleaners I've used in my home.  There has never been any residual spotting appearing a month later, as with other cleaners.  I also appreciate the spray bottles of cleaner that they leave here to use between cleanings. 


Matt and Zach were kind enough to come out to clean up my mess after I dropped a pan of chicken and drippings which splattered all over the carpet adjacent to the kitchen.  There was no charge!  

I highly recommend Professor Pyle to anyone needing the most effective and professional carpet cleaners in the Sacramento area.  


Sandy Frith

Folsom, CA

You guys do great work!

Ali Bahnam

Rancho Cordova, CA

Thank you Professor Pyle's, for making my 15 year old carpet last a few more years!  I have appreciated your timeliness, thoroughness and honesty.  When a stretching and repair before cleaning was the best idea, your technicians told me and had it scheduled almost immediately!  It always looks like a new house after you leave, especially after the messes a few pets can cause!  

Thanks Again!

Becky Kirsh

El Dorado Hills, CA


II hate to admit it but I tried another carpet cleaner after you guys were here the first time. I just wanted to check out my options.   I'll never do that again!    From now on I'll only call you.  No one gets the spots out like you do.


Karen Morphy

Folsom, CA

As always, nice job!

Hallmark Roseville Galleria, Elk Grove, Sonora, Modesto, and Oakdale

You really do a great job, no question there!

We have heavy duty traffic in this office & big bad stains.

Your dependable, prompt and your team has exceptional manners & do a fantastic job!!!

Till next time…..


DePuy Orthopaedics

Sacramento, CA

Kindness Rocks Event

Sacramento, CA

St. John Notre Dame School

Folsom, CA

Letter of Recommendation

I have used Professor Pyle's Carpet Care exclusively for the past 4 yrs, both for my home and for my clients who need carpet cleaning. With 4 small children and a dog, our carpet needs extra special help, and sometimes I want to rip it out and start over, but I am always amazed at the results that Matt and Zach are able to achieve! To insure my clients get the level of service they deserve, I am very picky about whom I refer them to, and I am happy to refer my clients to Professor Pyle's, where I am confident that they will get exceptional service and results at a competitive price. I have even added Professor Pyle's to our offices Preferred Vendor list. It is also great to know that Professor Pyle's uses safe, organic cleansers that will not affect my kids and pets.

Thanks for the great work Matt and Zach, I appreciate it!

TR Bergen

Fusion Real Estate

Fair Oaks, CA

Hi Matt,

I would like to thank you so much for your carpet cleaning services. You have been exceptional to work with from the very beginning and I am so grateful that you still believe in providing phenomenal customer service! Our carpets look brand new and smell wonderfully clean – and to think we would’ve spent thousands to replace it! You have helped to make our first home presentable and now I won’t be embarrassed to have people come over.

I am so thankful that I now have a carpet cleaning company that I trust 100% to do the best job possible, provide excellent customer service, all for a very reasonable price. I will definitely be a loyal customer to Professor Pyle’s and will recommend you to everyone – even if they don’t ask for my opinion!

Thanks again!

Forever grateful,

Jody & Jacqueline Jenkins

First-time homebuyers in Folsom

PS: I You have my permission to add my comments to your Website. People should know that you guys do fabulous work! I’ve attached a photo of my husband and I. Let me know if it’s too grainy to use and I’ll send you another one.

Thank you again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Lori Hebenstreit

Elk Grove, CA


Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my carpet again! You always do a great job and my carpet always looks better than every other carpet cleaner I’ve tried in the past. I’ve got two children and a dog. The thing I like best is that there is never any fumes from the cleaning. We’ve got an asthma sufferer and a migraine sufferer in the house. Since we started using Professor Pyle, we’ve never had migraine or an asthma attack after you’ve been here. What a relief!

Thanks Again and see you next time!

Gina Anderson

Folsom, CA

Nicholas Dolley

El Dorado Hills, CA


When I called to schedule a free quote I only did it because it was free. I knew you would get to my studio and after two seconds, tell me I need new carpet. I really thought you were crazy when you said it would be a challenge but that you could clean this carpet. We’ve had hundreds of musicians come through here (even some you might have heard of) and must have had just about every kind of stain known to man. You said you were good at removing spots but you also said you weren’t a magician. Well… after seeing the results, I’d say you were the next best thing. This carpet looks great! Just amazing what your guys were able to do. And I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to replace this stuff. By the way, your guys were really good about taking extreme care around our equipment. We’ve got all kinds of instruments, computers, amps, and mics that aren’t cheap. They treated everything like it was their own. I appreciate that. I’ll definitely be calling you next time.

Thanks Professor Pyle’s.

Dustin Ryan

The Formulation Room

Recording Studio

Sacramento, CA

Matt and Zach,

You guys did an excellent job! You cleaned my office and it looked great so I decided to have you clean two large wool area rugs at my house. They both turned out beautifully! In fact these are the same two rugs that in the past I’ve sent out to a rug specialist in Sacramento. Professor Pyle did a better job and the rugs never had to leave my house.

Thanks again!

Andrea Murphrey

Sacramento, CA

Matt and Zach,

Thanks so much for doing a great job on our carpets again. With our two dogs, Katie and Charlie, it can be challenging to say the least.

Have a great Christmas!

Elizabeth Henrikson

Elk Grove, CA

PS: Enclosed is a picture of Katie and Charlie getting ready to open Christmas presents.

Matt and Zach,

As you know, I’ve been using your service since I noticed that you were the Business of the Month at Costco in mid 2005. You always do a great job and my carpet looks the way I want it after your done. Early on, I used another cleaner to do a bit of comparison shopping. I won’t say who but they have yellow vans. No comparison. When you remove a spot it stays removed. Not so with the guys in the yellow van. Since that experience I’ve only used you and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks for all the great jobs you’ve done for me!

Pricille Stahl

Gold River, CA

Matt and Zach,

As you know, we just moved into our new house in Roseville. We called you to clean the carpet before we moved in. As usual, on time and all the spots are gone!

Keep up the good work.

Christina and Perry Payne

Roseville, CA

Matt and Staff,

You have done it again! Thanks so much for the wonderful job!! Not only do our carpets look fabulous, but your professionalism and kind attitude make it always a pleasure! We will never look for another carpet cleaning company again!!

Tammy M. Gras

Comstock Mortgage

Sacramento, CA

Hi Zach and Matt:

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for once again making my carpet look beautiful! It is something I haven't done enough over the many years you have been cleaning my carpets. I have used several different carpet cleaners over the many years of my lifetime, and I can honestly say no one cleans carpets better than you. I have used several of the big name Steam Cleaning companies (Stanley Steamer for one) and they just can't compare. They like to get in and out fast, which means they probably don't spend the time they should cleaning my carpet. And I have never had a company clean that nasty little gray stripe of dirt along the walls. Every time you come you are clean this by hand and it makes such a huge difference...Now if you could just invent an upright vacuum that would pick all this up in the first place, you could be millionaires! Oh and I forgot to mention the stains....not that we have had a lot, but you know exactly what needs to be done for each one, expecially in my Granddaughter Sarah's room! What a challenge that has been. But you have always been up for it!

Thank you all again! The Professor Pyle Team ROCKS!

Sue Shorey

Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Matt and everyone:

I came home last night after having Zach and John clean all the carpeting in our house, and just had to tell you: Rick and I are just ecstatic over the WONDERFUL job they did! They said the carpets would clean up well and look great -- and I doubted it, because in some places there was a lot of dirt and discoloration.

But -- they were right and the carpets look like they did when we moved in 21 months ago!!!

Rick and I have both been walking around barefoot, just enjoying the feel of CLEAN and spotless!!

You're just great, and I will tell everyone I can about your amazing service.

Thank you, thank you! See you in a year.

Sydne Miles

Folsom, CA

Steve Cirrone

Sacramento, CA

Hi Matt & Zach,

Thank you again for a great job!   My clean carpets sure make my house look fabulous.  I have had other carpet companies clean our carpets but found that they did not do a very good job.  They were there to sell me additional services and products to clean my carpets and at the end I was stuck with a bill that was more than what I had planned to spend.  I like your approach in that you will not recommend something unless you feel it is necessary.  Your professionalism and quality of service is very much appreciated and I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.



Fay Taylor

Gold River, CA


Sacramento, CA

Professor Pyle!

You guys are AMAZING!  Thank you so much for coming out on the fly to clean up the mess "Nacho" (our dog) made while we were sleeping.  One other time comes to mind when you absolutely made my day!  It was getting the black shoe polish out of our bathroom carpet.  I was convinced the throw rug I used to cover it up was going to be a permanent piece of décor.  But with your amazing work, I was able to toss the rug!

I have to say, that in the 2.5 years we have been in our home, we have hired a lot of contractors and service people to get our home the way it is today; and you are on the TOP of our list for repeat business.  Your professionalism, responsiveness and dedication to your customers keeps us calling you back (and the fact that Nacho isn't going anywhere).

I know when I call Professor Pyle the job gets done and I'm one happy customer!

Thank you and we'll see you next time!

Linda Lopez

Folsom, CA

Carla la Zier

Sacramento, CA

Thanks Matt and Zach,

You are fabulous!  We've tried other carpet cleaning companies and within a couple of weeks or so we would start to see the same spots reappear.  Not with Professor Pyle.  Our carpet looks as good as new for at least 6 months (usually longer) after Professor Pyle has cleaned them.  You were even able to remove spots that had been there for a long time and the other companies couldn't get rid of.

My son and nephew have allergies to our cat and dog.  After Professor Pyle has cleaned our carpets they are able to sit on the carpet and play games or watch TV without being irritated or affected with the allergies.

You are always willing to work with us as far as time and cost are concerned.  We appreciate your flexibility.  We have recommended your services to several people and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again,

Mike and Teri Ferris

Folsom, CA

Laura Mikulecky

Sacramento, CA


Your crew came out and did a great job on our carpets yesterday. Thank you for the outstanding professional service!


Todd Schofield


Rocklin & Roseville Today

Dear Matt,

I had to write this letter to you to thank you for the incredible, meticulous, and exacting work you recently completed in my home.

You might recall that I first met you last year when I was preparing for my sisters wedding.  The reception was held in my home and I wanted my home to look “spot on”!  Needless to say, I called you to clean my carpet again because of the job you did last time.

This time when you came to my home, I really paid attention to what you were doing.  Before you started cleaning, the two of you sounded like you were on an aircraft carrier in the middle of a pre-flight checklist.  You were able to coordinate everything so that you were certain that nothing would be missed.  It was amazing to watch and you were perfectly in sync!

It was obvious when you were done why my home looks the way it looks.  Your attention to detail is second to no one!  Thank you so much and you have my unqualified recommendation!

Lindsey Wrightsman

Sacramento, CA

Deborah Studebaker

Rocklin, CA

Dear Matt,

You just cleaned the carpets in my home and I had to write to thank you for the job that you did.

As you know, I am a health care professional so I am constantly doing what I can to keep my home healthy for my family.  Last year I had an indoor air quality filtration system installed along with carbon monoxide sensors.  Today I added Professor Pyle’s to the list of health conscious measures I am taking in my home.

In short, my wife and I feel like you treated our home like it was your own and it shows.  My carpets are clean, the stains area gone, and my carpets smell like they are truly clean for the first time since they were new.

I am a fan and you can bet I will refer my neighbors so they can take advantage of your service.  Please do not hesitate to call on me for a referral and please feel free to use this letter with anyone who is considering your company.

Thank You!

Dr. Steven Clauson

Elk Grove, CA

Monterey Trail Boosters

Elk Grove, CA

Professor Pyle’s Carpet Cleaning

Dear Matt,

What I like about you guys is that you’re friendly, dependable, and you do a good job. What more do you want.

Ed Cunningham

Elks Lodge

Rancho Cordova, CA

Placer Elementary PTC

Loomis, CA

Dear Matt and Zach,

As you know, I have a fairly new home in Roseville with off-white carpet, and a new baby. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your over the top level of carpet care!

As you know, I have a new baby and my home has off white carpet.  This presents me with a few challenges because I take a great level of pride in my home.  It really matters to me that everything in our home looks its best at all times.  When I was getting ready for the arrival of our first child, I wanted to be sure everything was just so.  When you came in to look at the carpet we noticed some red stains on the stairs and a plant stain in the family room.

I was concerned that these would be very difficult to remove and you proved me wrong.  You were able to remove every shred of evidence that any stain ever existed and when you left, my home just smelled really, really clean.

I would recommend you and your company without reservation.  You do everything you say you will and then you go above and beyond even that.

Thank you!

Mercedah Sheik

Roseville, CA

Dear Professor Pyle,

As you know, I called you to clean my carpets before we moved out of our home and turned over the keys to the new owners.  We’re headed to upstate New York as a result of a job transfer.  I really wanted to leave my home in great condition for the new owners so I asked around and my neighbor said you were the best one to call.  My biggest concern was a huge spot right in front of my couch.  I didn’t even realize it was there until we moved out the furniture.  It was just awful.

When you looked at it, you though you could get most of it out.  When you were done the entire spot was gone!  Nothing left except a clean carpet.  I can’t even tell you where the spots were that you removed.  All I know is that they’re all gone and that’s the only thing I really care about.  I can head to New York knowing that I’ve left the place like I would want someone to leave it for me.  Especially the carpet!

Thanks again for all you hard work!

Sonia Bethencourt

El Dorado Hills, CA

Professor Pyle,

A quick thank you for taking such good care of the residents here at Fountain Glen. I've gotten nothing but rave reviews each time you clean one of their units. We cater to the senior community and your old fashioned approach to providing excellent customer service fits perfectly with our residents demographic. Many of our residents have commented on how refreshing it is to see that true customer service still exists.

April - Building Manager

FountainGlen at Greenhaven

Sacramento, CA

Another Great Job.

Thanks Guys!

Techline Studio

Leslie Bisharat

Rancho Cordova, CA

February 2007

Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care

Dear Matt,

            You just finished cleaning my carpet and again I’m reminded why I will continue to use Professor Pyle’s as my carpet care company of choice.  Your customer service is excellent!  I’ve been a customer for a few years and with each appointment you’ve arrived on time, were dressed and acted professionally, and you treated my home like it was your own.  I’m also very appreciative that you’ve always been able to schedule appointments to fit my busy schedule.

            From my thanks at your departure I am sure that you are aware of my fullest satisfaction in your service.  However, I just need to let you know again how much I value your commitment to customer service.  My carpet looks wonderfully clean, smells great and best of all I’m confident I have the cleanest carpet in the neighborhood.  You truly have exceptional customer service in a world where putting the “customer first” seems to be losing importance as a customer service standard.

            Feel free to add my name to your list of thrilled customers.  If anyone ever wants to know the level and quality of service you provide please don’t hesitate to have them call me.  I will tell them exactly what I said in this letter.  I have complete confidence that you will care for the needs of all of your customers as you have taken care of mine.

With sincerest thanks,

Stephanie Mizuno

Folsom, CA

Matt and Zach,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for the outstanding job you did on my house. The carpets look so good and it really has helped make my house look great! When I met with my realtor this past Saturday, he was amazed at how great the place looked, especially the carpet. Thanks for making the place look like new! I really appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks again,

Chris Marconi

Roseville, CA

Dear Professor Pyle,

Sandy and I want to thank you for cleaning our carpets and making it look like I have never made a mistake. I have made a few mistakes, mostly when I get really excited but now that Sandy uses Professor Pyle, no one can tell! Now that I don’t have to worry about the carpet I can focus on not barking at the neighbors.

I know that Sandy was really excited about your results and if she is happy I am happy... and not in trouble!

Thanks again,


Cared for by

Sandy Norton

Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Matt,

I just love it when you have been in my home cleaning my carpets. After you clean I can just wander around my home and try to remember where the stains were and never be able to find them again! It still surprises me that after you get rid of the spots that they don’t return.

As a professional photographer in Fair Oaks, I have an eye for detail. I know how great my carpets look and another thing I appreciate is that my carpets are dry within about 4 hours after you have cleaned them. I am very comfortable with having you and your crew in my home and I take your recommendations very seriously. After having a fire in the fireplace I always vacuum to get rid of any ashes so I can keep my carpets looking their best. I know that I can rely on you to do the rest.

Thank you again,

Renee and Mary

Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Matt,

I have to start this letter by thanking you for going well above and beyond what any other carpet cleaner would do!  Coming out on a holiday weekend was over the top but your response time and service was simply amazing!

You remember the story.  Holiday weekend, party planned and a very sick family pet lead to an extremely stressful situation at our home.  We called you (you answered!) and we followed your instructions to the letter.

We figured we would need to go and rent a carpet cleaner and you stunned us when you said you could be out in about 2 hours to clean the areas needed!  The carpet in our home is fairly new and off-white so we know that something had to be done and you came and did it! Cleaned! Perfect!

I promise that calling you on holiday weekends will not become a pattern but it was great to know that you were available and willing to see to my needs.  The party, by the way, went off without a hitch!

PS: Enclosed is a picture of Stanley, He says thanks too!

Adrena & Matt Modzelewski

El Dorado Hills, CA

Professor Pyle’s 5 Step Carpet Care

Dear Matt and Zach,

Wow!  You hit another home run on our carpet!

Every time after you are done cleaning the carpets in our Sacramento home they look new and fluffy again, and it is so comforting to know that our 3-year old twins are playing on a clean floor.

The other miracle is that all the spots in my carpet are gone thanks to Professor Pyle, Matt Craine and your 5 Step Carpet Cleaning System.

Thank you again for all your wonderful work!


The Gratehouse Family

PS:  With your permission I am going to send this letter to the twins group I am a member of and tell everyone about my experience with you.

Hi everyone,

I case you are looking for a good carpet cleaner service I wanted to recommend a company we use and are extremely happy with the service and the quality of the cleaning.  The company name is Professor Pyle’s and their number is 916-638-5600.  They also have a website where you can read about their 5 step cleaning system and print coupons :

Happy Holidays!


P.S. They also do upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning and auto/RV carpet and cloth upholstery cleaning.

Dear Professor Pyles 5-Step Carpet Care,

I want you to know how much those of us at Sacramento Delta Property Management appreciate the job you do for us.  Sacramento Delta Property Management was recently listed as the largest property manager in the "Sacramento Business Journal Book Of lists". I know that one of the big reasons were are the largest and we also think we are the best is due to the fact that we only work with great companies and you are certainly one of those companies.

Our relationship with you has now lasted over 3 years and the number of "miracles" you have produced is just overwhelming! You have saved our clients thousands of dollars over the past three years in replacement costs and those savings go right to the bottom line! You are available at what seems like a moments notice and always deliver more than we expect.

I will soon be retiring from property management and moving to Georgia. I know that I am leaving my clients in extremely good shape with you here to clean and maintain their carpets.

Thank you again for making things easier for all of us!


Joyce Decker

Property Manager

Sacramento Delta Property Management

Dear Zach,

Just a quick note of appreciation for the work you consistently do in my rental home near U.C. Davis. This home is currently rented to 4 female students and they work hard to keep my home in good order so I like to help them out by keeping the carpets looking their best. This helps me out as well by protecting my investment.

For the past couple of years I have had you in to clean the carpets and my tenants are always surprised that the stains and spots come out. The last time you cleaned you gave them a bottle of carpet protectant and this has made is really easy to get a spill cleaned up properly before it becomes a bigger issue. Happy tenants are a good thing!

Thank you again for being so diligent.


Marvin and Maral Angus

Davis, CA

Dear Matt,

As you may remember, I recently moved into a new home in Fair Oaks. After I received your name from a friend, I decided to have your company in to clean the carpets in my condominium. I was so impressed by how the carpets looked in the condo, I invited you in to clean the carpets in my new home.

My new home is someplace I already love and I want that feeling to translate into my pride of ownership. After you finished in my new home the carpets look great and you were even able to get some stains out of the carpet in the family room that I had no idea what they were. Talk about impressed... I am! You will be the only carpet cleaner that will be in my new home.

Thank you again!

Bob McMahon

Fair Oaks, CA.

Chuck Klein

Primera Realty

Roseville, CA

Matt Craine

Professor Pyle

Rancho Cordova, Ca.

Dear Matt,

            I am writing this letter to you with the request that I must remain anonymous for reasons I will explain.  I am a Yellow Page Sales Person with over 29 years of experience.  I have sold Yellow Page advertising in the AT&T Yellow Pages, SBC Yellow Pages, and the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages.  I am retiring in early 2007 and I am compelled to write you this letter because of the quality service you provide.

            I have met with literally thousands of business owners in my career as a sales rep.  You are the only company that in all my years as a sales rep, I have hired for my own personal use!  You run your business differently and are such a notable exception that I am pleased to write this letter.

            You have cleaned my carpet for several years now and I love having you in my home.  You are incredible at removing pet stains, red stains, and even grease from my carpet.  I love the fact that when you are done, my carpet smells good too.  I have used other MAJOR NAME carpet cleaners in the past; you are the best at drying the carpet quickly.  I believe that this is why my carpet looks cleaner – longer!

            Thank you for all your hard work!

Julie (last name withheld)

PS  Should anyone want to call you to verify this story, you do have my permission to give out my last name.

Professor Pyle’s Five Step Carpet Care

Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Matt and Zach,

I wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am with the exceptional level of service and thorough carpet cleaning you did today.  Aside from getting new carpeting installed, after you are done with the carpets is the next best thing!

I am a neat-freak (to some degree) and I love looking forward to this time of year when our household comes together and looks exceptionally clean, especially the carpets.  You do such an amazing job year-after-year.

With two little ones running around you can imagine that we strive for no stitches, broken bones or damaged household things.  If it doesn’t require a trip to the hospital or more shopping and  “It’s just the carpet”  that gets damaged, it’s reassuring to know what takes a year to do, it takes Professor Pyle an hour to un-do!

Once again, great job and thank you for your responsiveness, your friendly attitude and carpet expertise.

Holly Valdez

El Dorado Hills, CA

October 16, 2006

Professor Pyle’s Carpet Cleaning

Rancho Cordova, Calif.  95670

Dear Professor,

Just another note to make you aware of how great the carpet in our restaurant looks thanks to you.

You’ve cleaned the carpet for over six months now and a few things really stick out.

   1. Even though there is syrup all over the place, you are always able to remove it and        make the carpet look great.

   2. You are always available to clean at odd hours and never complain.

   3. When you show up you are on time and ready to work.

   4. Your staff always looks professional and are polite to my staff.

   5. You always go above and beyond and take care of things I missed.

   6. The best thing is that I can trust you

Based on my business experience, you have also cleaned my personal residence with the same level of care and same great results!

Should any business want a recommendation, please have them call me.  The same goes for your residential customers.  I am so happy with the results!

Thank you again,

Scott Rufer

Scott Rufer & Toni Catone


IHOP Restaurant

Rancho Cordova, CA

Mothers’ Support Network

Clarksburg, CA

Professor Pyle

Dear Zach and Matt,

This is a good news/bad news letter.

The good news is that we are again using you to clean the carpets in our home.  The bad news is that after you are done, we won’t be asking you to come back and clean the carpet again.  We are moving is the only reason why!

Until the last couple of carpet cleanings, we have been using ####-Dry to clean our carpets and upholstery.  They did an OK job but it was never really complete and what spots they were able to remove came back shortly after they were done.  That was not what we were after!

You also gave us a bottle of spot remover (gave, did not sell) and that has proven to be a lifesaver.  Whenever we create a mess, we go for that and it will get most anything out and not leave a spot.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in our new home!


Toby and Mona Cole

Folsom, CA

Dear Matt, Zach and Professor Pyle,

As you know, I am very picky about my carpets. I have you in about every three to four months to clean and that is for two very important reasons. The first reason is that I have a small child and a dog and I want the healthiest possible situation and the second is that I am also very proud of my home and I love the fact that my carpets always look and smell new.

This last time that I called you it was primarily because I had two new stains that I needed to disappear! The first stain was blue/green in color from Windex and you were able to get that one out (I was amazed!). The second stain was blue toothpaste from the carpet. I didn’t even believe that it was possible to remove that one!

I will continue to tell all of my friends and neighbors about you as I think you are the best carpet cleaner anywhere. Thank you for doing such a great job!


Susanne Wolter

Folsom, CA.

Dear Professor Pyle,

You have achieved the near impossible with your carpet cleaning. We run 2 classes of 12 kids per day with Henny Penny Preschool in our home in El Dorado Hills. I have 3 kids, 1 dog, and 1 cat so our own carpets get used heavily.

Professor Pyle's professionalism and flexible scheduling started the relationship off on the right foot and when we saw how clean our carpets were and how rapidly they dried, we knew that we had found our official carpet cleaner!

Thank you so much!

Amy Dolley

Henny Penny Preschool

El Dorado Hills, CA

The Heller Company

Gold River, CA

D & A Detox Center

Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Professor Pyle,

As you may remember, our family is involved in high end home construction.  When we build a home we do not ever cut corners.  If we can’t do it right we just won’t do it!  Period.  This is why we are just thrilled with the work that you do in our home.

After we completed our home we did not have the landscaping finished for several months after we moved in.  This lead to dust, mud and other unpleasant things being tracked into our home during those months.  When we called you as a result of a referral from a client, we were stunned at the results you produced.  Our carpets looked and smelled like new.  Since that time you have cleaned our carpets about every six months and we have the same result every time.

We trust you so much that we don’t even want to be there when you are doing your job.  You do it right, fast, and properly; and the results show.  Our home is in good hands when you are cleaning it and this leaves us with one less thing to worry about.

Please feel free to use our name as one of your thrilled customers for life!

Katherine Neto

Clarksburg, CA

Dear Matt & Gang,

WOW!!!  You did what no other carpet cleaner has even been willing to attempt, you promised me a clean carpet that exceeded what I was hoping for!

I will admit that I am a little over the top when it comes to keeping my home clean.  Having lived around the country and in Amsterdam, I have developed an appreciation for having my home really, really clean.  I love to travel (especially to Europe) and I love being able to have you clean my carpets right before I return from a trip.  The feeling of walking into my home with an immaculate carpet never gets old.  Since I am a single woman being able to trust you to the point of just giving you my key before I leave is a wonderful and secure feeling as well.

Satya Cohen

Sacramento, CA

Dear Matt,

I got your name from my Mom when I decided to list my house for sale.  As you may remember, I am selling my house in Folsom to move to Maui so I can tend bar and surf.  I want to simplify my life.  I know how important presentation is when selling a home so my Mom thought you were the only choice.  After seeing the result, I agree with her.  I know the impact that your cleaning will have on the sale of my home.  My Mom says you are by far the best she has used for carpet cleaning and I have to agree with her.  My carpets look like new and I cannot wait to see Maui!  If you are ever in the neighborhood stop and say “Aloha!”

Zach Murr

Folsom, CA


Dear Matt & Professor Pyles,

I wanted to dash off a quick note to thank you for the phenomenal job that you always do on my carpet.  As you know I am quite proud of my home here in Folsom and do whatever I can to keep my home looking tip-top at all times.  Your work definitely makes my job easier!

“I have been fortunate enough to live in several different states and have used many different carpet cleaners over the years.  You run the tightest ship by far!”  I am so impressed with your service that I have referred my son to you for his carpet as well.

Thank you so much!

Pam Murr

Folsom, CA

Dear Matt & Professor Pyle,

I want to thank and applaud you for the job you do cleaning our furniture for us at Rent-A-Center. You understand the constraints we are under and you deliver for us every time.

When I rent furniture I know going in that the day will come when that piece of furniture returns to the center. We take a lot of pride in delivering a first class product to our customers. In the time period between when a piece of furniture returns and when it is rented again I must be certain that I can look my customer in the eye and know that I am delivering a first class product. Thanks to your efforts I can do that.

You are always willing to work within my time frame and you get my furniture back to a like new condition. You do all of this in a timely manner and when I call you for furniture cleaning even I have no idea what some of the stains are going to be from. Having your number and knowing what you can do does simplify my life. I am able to deliver a great product and have a very happy customer.

As a result of seeing what you can do first hand I have given your name to more than one of my family members and they are as happy as I am.

Thank you again and keep up the great work.

Dan Flack



Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Matt and Zach,

As a result of a few “unfortunate accidents” by our dog Tanner we thought that we were going to have to replace the carpet in our home at a cost of several thousands of dollars.  Thank goodness you’d cleaned our carpet before, and when you did, you gave us a bottle of your Professor Pyle Spot Remover. And you gave it to us for FREE!

You told us what to do and we followed your advice to the letter - I think.  Somehow, you had a break and were in my area and you were here in less than two hours!  No one has service like that anymore.  Then, about a week later Tanner wasn’t feeling well again and we started the process all over again.  This time I remembered what you told me to do.  Once I did that, I called you and you were out the next day with the same result.  Excellence!

Tanner is feeling better and all of that is behind us now.  My carpet looks great again (no trace at all!) and my home is back to normal.  If you recall, we don’t even wear shoes in our home so Tanner was “in the dog house”.  Life is back to normal and we aren’t considering new carpet thanks to Professor Pyle.  You guys are awesome!

Judy Friedmann

Folsom, CA

PS.  Tanner says “whew”!

Belinda’s Maid Agency

Fair Oaks, CA

Dear Matt,

I have searched long and hard, high and low, to find another business owner that treats their customers like I do.  As you know, I am a Direct TV/Dish Network Dealer and what sets me apart is the level of service I give to my customer.  The same can be said for you and the magic you do with my carpets.  Along with being the owner of a business, I am also a Husband, Father, and have a dog in the house at the same time.

I grew up in El Salvador and learned as soon as I grew up that hard work and attention to detail is what makes the difference in America.  Professor Pyle’s provides for me an exceptional service at a great price on a great product!

Thank you Matt for the work you do!

Ramone Canahuati

Elk Grove, CA

Dear Professor Pyle,

Thank you again for coming through in a pinch.  I am consistently amazed that you can work me in on short notice, you communicate with me, you always arrive on time and professionally dressed, and when you have completed cleaning my carpets they stay clean!  I have a large home in Loomis that I am very proud of and you help me to keep it looking like the home it is!

Having 3 young children, a dog and an incredibly demanding profession means that I have to find someone who will do exactly what they say they will.  I demand this is my auto mechanic, housekeeper and every other professional service provider I have.  Those of you at Professor Pyle’s not only meet these needs but you exceed them and I cannot thank you enough.

Because of the quality of your service I have had no hesitation in referring you to my friends and neighbors who have all shared the exact experience that I have had.  Please feel free to use my name and experience with anyone who is considering your service.  They will be happy they went with you.


Troy Strahl

Loomis, CA

Dear Professor,

I will admit that I am just on the other side of meticulous and demanding.  Coming out of the world of a Fortune 500 company into the world of being self-employed has been both a shock and a joy.  However, having to create a list of companies that can do what they say they can has been a challenge to say the least.

As you may remember, I recently sold my personal home so that I could build our dream home in Granite Bay.  Not only have I trusted you to clean the carpets in the home I sold in El Dorado Hills but you have also cleaned the carpets in my UPS stores in Gold River and Sacramento.

Possibly the best aspect of working with you has been that my wife trusts you and your work so much!  You have cleaned areas we did not think could be cleaned and made them look like new!

We are big fans of Professor Pyle’s and love giving your name and story to our friends.

Fans For Life!

Bill Spahn

Granite Bay, CA

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

Elk Grove, CA

Dear Professor Pyles,

After living for several months with numerous dark spots in my Berber carpet that were left over from a previous carpet cleaning, I hired Professor Pyle’s to do my cleaning.  The level of service more than exceeded my expectations.  The spots?  Gone!  The look of my carpets?  Great!

Professor Pyle’s has me for life!

Judie Brooks

Sacramento, CA

Dear Matt and Zach,

You guys are on it! Your service is exceptional!  By service I mean how you always handle things.  I never have to worry about following up with you guys about anything.  You ALWAYS do what you say you will and you always accommodate our needs.  You work around our staff’s hectic schedule and make getting the carpet cleaned easy.  As far as the actual carpet cleaning goes, you and your staff do an awesome job!  Since you started cleaning our carpet, I occasionally walk around the office without my shoes after we close for the day.  I never would have done that before.

Thanks Matt and Zach!

Y. D.

Follett Investment Properties, Inc.

Gold River, CA

Dear Matt ,

Zach did an amazing job on the carpet.  It was a year or more past due and pretty funky dirty.  It is now beautiful!  You guys are amazing and I will continue to send referrals your way.

With Gratitude,

Christine Henderson

Sacramento, CA